The 5th Floor at Fort Dunlop

An Easy Decision

A campaign strategy that focused all marketing on the availability of the entire refurbished 5th floor at the impressive Fort Dunlop. Everything about the sell was connected by a concept that brought consistency to the campaign across all channels. Life made easy. 

With a wide range of amenities, unbeatable space and affordable rent packages, lives are made much easier at Fort Dunlop. This concept highlights each of the benefits and how Fort fits businesses and personal daily life. An easy decision.



As part of the targeted marketing strategy, we proposed sending out Fort Dunlop branded boxes with a polaroid camera inside, along with a set of images of the space within a polaroid film format. A QR code would then give easy access to the drone film on the website.

A nod to times when life was easier and less complicated, linking to the 'easy' campaign.

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