A Breath Of Fresh Air

Undergoing a full transformation to modernise and reinvigorate the interior and exterior, 35 Homer Road was soon to have a new energy to appeal to the modern, professional services occupier. 

Previously recognised as the 'Grid Building' due to the National Grid taking up space there, this new look workspace needed a fresh and revitalised positioning in the market in order to change how people saw it. 

This project began with a new name. One that was fresh and natural, not the usual name for a workspace. A word that wrapped up the new interior design experience already planned and helped to sculpt the marketing campaign. AIR.

Colour Palette


We wanted to create a positive, transformational message focussed on everything that's unique about AIR and the benefits it would bring to new occupiers.

The campaign focusses on the building's crafted transformation - internally and externally, and how it portrays a sense of wellness and refinement right from the entrance. It's not just the building - it's also about the feeling it conveys and the standard it sets.

External signage
External signage

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